Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Are Writers So Scary?: Elizabeth Gilbert and Creativity

I watched this video quite a while ago, but it stuck with me. Gilbert's opening raises an interesting question: Why does writing seem, to so many, like such a scary profession? What makes people so uncomfortable with what we do? Whatever your opinion of Eat, Pray, Love (me? I liked it), listening to Gilbert tease out her creative passions during this 20-minute TED talk is inspirational.


  1. She is funny! Seriously great talk that makes some very valid points!

  2. I'm also a visual artist, and writing is so much scarier! There's something about sharing yourself through words--the same words everyone else uses--that sets yourself up for judgement.

  3. "The sheer human love and stubborness to keep showing up." Wonderful, Gail!